Khao Sok National Park

Whilst on holiday in Thailand, we had a cooking lesson as part of our two day safari package. We started off by learning how to prepare one of the main ingredients in Thai food- Coconut milk.

Here our chef is cutting into the coconut. He used a large sharp knife and cut into the coconut shell.

Once inside the coconut he shaved out all the coconut from inside the shell. Once both coconut shells were empty, he began to squeeze all the coconut shavings to make the milk. He added a small amount of boiling water to help with the consistency and then sieved all the milk to remove all the coconut.

Next her prepared the spices. He used Shallots, Chillies, Garlic, Lemon Grass, Ginger, and bay leaves.

The chef was making two dishes. The first was Thai eggs and this is what you can see here. He used 12 eggs in total. He used half the coconut milk, add the spices and eggs.

He also made a mild chicken curry. Here’s the chicken.

The chicken was then added to the other half of the coconut milk and spices, all cooked on a home made fire.

He also made us some pork kebabs. They were yummy!

The pork was then cut into slices.

All dishes were served with rice. Everything tasted amazing!

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