Lunch with the ladies- Mall Tavern

Today I went for a lovely Sunday roast with my friends from school. We went to a lovely pub called the Mall Tavern in Notting hill. I have actually taken some food photographs for this pub before, they featured in ‘Eat Me’ Magazine.

Firstly, let me introduce the girls. Here we have Nicola and Claire.

And here’s me and Jill.

For starters, we had: A cup of leak and potato soup served in a typically British mug featuring the royal wedding.

A mushroom Pate.

And a portion of soda bread.

For main course, I had the Pork Sunday roast served with home made apple sauce (Which was to die for by the way!).

Jill had the Roast Chicken dinner.

And Nic had the Cow pie which is a new edition to the Mall Tavern Menu. Claire had the chicken kiev which I didn’t photograph as I have photographed this before.

It was a lovely day out, with great food and a good old catch up.

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