Aug 30


A few weeks ago I went along to 2&4 cafe in East London. It is a second hard furniture showroom and a cafe. It is owned by Maurice. The cakes are pretty tasty too. Here are some of my favorite shots from my visit:

Here’s the view when you enter the shop. Maurice has some amazing stuff!

Meet Ed- He’s the boss around the shop!

Here is the cafe. They sell some amazing cakes, coffee and Sandwiches during the week. It was yummy!

This is a lovely orange cake served with a coffee.

This is their plum cake- Also amazing!

Here is Maurice. I also took a portrait for the magazine just in case they needed it. This is one of my favorites.

This was my favorite art piece in the shop- Some 3D effect bunnies!

Special thanks to Maurice and his Staff for letting me come and visit their shop and take these photographs.

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