Farm Shop

Over the summer I went to photograph a little place called the Farm Shop in East London. The Farm Shop is so popular as it’s all about home grown produce.

This is the main eating area. As you can see you are surrounded by Basil and home grown lettuce. Also, at the back of this shot you can just see the fish tanks.

Here they are! It’s a very clever system they have running. Basically the water from the fish tanks is used to water all the plants!

Here’s some more of their basil.

Another cool think at the Farm shop, is they have their own chickens. Here are some of the eggs. Not all of them are produced by their own chickens, but they are sourced locally from their chicken friends.

Everything comes nicely branded in their own egg boxes with stickers.

Here are their chickens. They only have 3 and they live on the roof.

Here is one of their £1.50 plates, all home made.

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