Tarragona, Barcelona

This weekend I went over to Tarragona in Barcelona to see one of my photographs exhibited in the FoodPhoto Festival 2011. We arrived in the evening and this was the view from our balcony- It was a beautiful place.

The next day we got up early to go see the exhibition and thank god we did as it was quite a walk.

Here’s the morning view from the Balcony.

The exhibition was based just near Tarragona harbor in two warehouses. Here a a few images of the other photographers from the exhibition:

This selection here is by the amazing David Loftus (Jamie Oliver’s Photographer). I love his work and it was amazing to have my work exhibited in the same room as him.

Now onto the group exhibition I was involved in- It’s all about the best burger photographs from USA, Dominican Republic, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Chile, UK, Spain, and India. It was great to be representing Britain.

Here are some of the other Burger entrants.

And here’s mine!

Had to have my photo taken with it.

I took this photograph when I was working with Eat Me Magazine.

After the exhibition, we went to explore Tarragona as we were only there for 24 hours.

Seen as the weekend was all about burgers, it only felt right that I should have one and photograph it. Might not be the best quality burger, but when you’ve had no breakfast and your starving, it seemed amazing!

I just loved all the narrow roads in Tarragona. It was beautiful.

I love my fruit beer.

Order 2 Belguim beers and get some free Patatas Bravas- It would be rude not to!

And of course we had to have some paella before we left. It was yummy!

Before we left, we managed to have a quick look at the Roman ruins and see front.

And this is the hotel we stayed in. I would definitely recommend it if you go to Tarragona.

To fond out more about the FoodPhoto Festival 2011, then please visit their website: www.foodphotofestival.org

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