Kraken Rum

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some drink tests (Photographing, not drinking!!). I decided to base my project on Kraken Rum as it’s my favourite. I wanted to give my shots the feel that they had been photographed on a ship, so I spent a lot of time selected my props and lighting each shot. I am really pleased with the final results.

On the Kraken rum’s website (, they have a list of Kraken based rums. I selected a few of them to photograph:

This one is ‘The Kraken Cider’.

Contains 1 part Kraken, 2.5 parts Apple Cider, & then garnished with a cinnamon stick.

“The Kraken Black’

Contains: 2 parts Kraken, 1 Part Kahlua, then fill with Guinness

‘The Perfect Storm’

Contains: 1 part Kraken & 2 parts Ginger Beer

‘The Kraken Coffee’

Contains: 2 parts Kraken, 1 part Baileys, 1 part Kahlua, Hot coffee & whipped cream (Amazing!!!)

‘The Black Mojito’

Contains: 1 part Kraken & 1 part Soda. Muddle with Syrup, Lime, Ginger and Mint.

I am really happy with the results of this test shoot. I think my favourite cocktail shot has to ‘The Kraken Coffee’. I think it looks fab and the taste was to die for! It was pretty strong though so watch out!!

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