‘Last’- A unique dining experience here in London…..

Welcome to the launch of our supper club brand ‘Last’. This is a unique dining experience here in London, where diners eat someones Last supper. To make the evening all the more interesting, the diners will not know who’s meal they are going to be eating until they arrive. Our supper clubs cost £30 to attend. This includes; An arrive drink and 3 courses. The person who’s Last meal is served will enjoy the evening for free. All more the reason to sign up I say! Please take a look at our website and find out more- www.lastsecretsupperclub.com

Here is a small selection of images taken at our most recent supper club. The Last supper for the evening was-


Camembert with Red onion Chutney

Chicken Fajitas with all the sides

Granny’s mini lemon cakes








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