The Hairy Bikers- Meal on wheels

To be honest I’m not normally a massive fan of the hairy bikers cookery programmes, but this one totally changed the way I felt about them. The programme was first aired in 2011. It was a really good ‘feel good’ show about them creating meals that could be delivered to the elderly in a small village. I think a lot of us don’t really think about the elderly unless we have elderly grand parents or parents ourself. It was a real eye opener to how vulnerable and alone the elderly can be. It brought a tear to my eye! I’m really lucky as both of my grandparents are 77 and still very capable of looking after themselves and cooking meals. In fact they are never in as they always have some social event to attend! I really hope I’m like them when I’m older- they are very inspirational to me! Anyway, back to the programme… The whole enterprise ‘Meals on Wheels’ was run by volunteers. It’s amazing how many good people are out there who want to give a couple of hours time to people who really appreciate it. It’s quite shocking how the elderly featured in the programme, really […]