Eat Drink Pictures – Lauren Mclean’s Food & Drink Photography Studio. London, UK.

Food Photographer Lauren Mclean has a photography studio specifically designed and set up for food and drink photography. It is based just off the beautiful and easily accessible and well connected Wandsworth Common (South West London), in the equally beautiful and historic Royal Victoria Patriotic Building.

Kitted out with great lighting equipment as well as more than enough natural light. There is also a full functioning open plan kitchen and food storage, and space for clients to work and collaborate throughout the day.

Lauren’s studio is also a prop archive, an eclectic mix of items and surfaces for all kinds of kitchen, and dinning set ups from rustic to modern should the shoot ever need those little extras, or full propping if the shoot is last minute, or the budget is low – there is usually something from her collection that is suitable.

Available for hire too. Please get in touch

Royal Victoria Patriotic Building