All in one summer suppers ~ Sainsburys Magazine

I recently shot the 'Summer Suppers' feature for Sainsburys magazine. As usual it was a fab day! Here are some of my favourite images...

Belsazar Bottle and Cocktails – Drinks Product Shoot

I was recently commissioned to photograph the Belsazar range for a PR company. They were interested in promoting their Rose Vermouth, but we also photographed a few cocktails using the rest of there range. Here's is a selection of images from the shoot- Belsazar-01   Belsazar-02   Belsazar-03   Belsazar-04   Massive thanks to Rebecca for her art direction and prop styling.

An apple a day…

I recent entered this image into the Pink Lady food photography competition in the apple category. Unfortunately it wasn't selected, but I think it's fab! The idea was inspired by spirograph images. Simple but effective. PinkLady

Compare the meerkats!

This was such a fun brief! I was approached by the agency VCCP to produce some photos for the famous Meerkats on Pancake Day. I had to think like a meerkat!!!

Men’s Fitness Magazine- EatFit

At the end of last year I was commissioned to do a 3 day shoot for Men’s fitness magazine. They are starting to produce a quarterly magazine called EatFit to supplement their monthly magazine. The style is very different to what I am used to. It’s very minimalist and all about the food. As usual, I rose to the challenge…   Many thanks to Rob Lavery for his art direction, Karol for his food styling, and Jodie for been my assistant for the day.

Sainsburys Magazine- Follow the stars feature

I was commissioned to photograph a feature for Sainsburys magazine. The feature asked a selection of Michelin-starred chefs to share their favourite, and fabulous festive choices for their main course this Christmas. Here are the images-




A massive thank you to Angela Lamb for her art direction, Tamzin Ferdinando for the prop styling, and Lucy O'Reilly for the food styling.

Borough Market Magazine- Celebration of cheese



I was recently commissioned by Borough Market Magazine to help them promote their 'Evening of Cheese' on the 10th of December. I was very lucky as the design team asked me to pitch them an concept for the image. It's very unusual to have such creative control over a commissioned image like this. As I have slight OCD I decided to play around with the idea of organisation, and this ended up been the basis for my idea. I ended up supplying the client with 2 images in the end. One was published as the centre fold for the magazine, and the other they turned into the invite.

Thanks to everyone at Borough Market magazine- Ellie, Kate & Rachel. And to Claire for commissioning me for the project. Also to my fabulous assistant on the day Jonny for his patience and creative input.

Sainsburys ‘Live well for less’ Magazine

I was hired to photograph some canapés for the December issue of 'Live well for less' magazine. The clients loved the images so much that they ended up using them over more pages than were initially planned. Here are my favourite ones-





Many thanks to the 'Less well for less' team. It was a great day as always!

‘Who said not to play with your food’ Part One

I decided to approach a creative personal project on soup in a slightly different way. I asked myself, how do I show soup other than in a bowl or pan? I wanted to explore taking the ingredients out of their final context. So, influenced by the renaissance paintings of food between the 14th & 18th Century, and with the help of the fabulous Davina, I made soup ingredients into floral inspired displays. Although the images may appear effortless, the bouquets were very difficult to structure. A massive thank you to Davina Perkins for her fabulous prop styling and art direction. Not to mention getting stuck in with helping to create the bouquets. Here are the final images-




More images from the 'Who said not to play with your food' series to follow in the new year.