Old El Paso

Just came across my photos on the Old El Paso facebook page-

Asda Magazine- 3 from 3 Feature

I recently shot this feature for Asda Magazine. The idea for the feature is to made recipes out of three simple ingredients. The ingredients were; salmon, new potatoes, and green beans.

The Hairy Bikers- Meal on wheels

To be honest I’m not normally a massive fan of the hairy bikers cookery programmes, but this one totally changed the way I felt about them. The programme was first aired in 2011. It was a really good ‘feel good’ show about them creating meals that could be delivered to the elderly in a small village. I think a lot of us don’t really think about the elderly unless we have elderly grand parents or parents ourself. It was a real eye opener to how vulnerable and alone the elderly can be. It brought a tear to my eye! I’m really lucky as both of my grandparents are 77 and still very capable of looking after themselves and cooking meals. In fact they are never in as they always have some social event to attend! I really hope I’m like them when I’m older- they are very inspirational to me! Anyway, back to the programme… The whole enterprise ‘Meals on Wheels’ was run by volunteers. It’s amazing how many good people are out there who want to give a couple of hours time to people who really appreciate it. It’s quite shocking how the elderly featured in the programme, really […]

Sainsburys Advertorial- Tinned Salmon

This feature has recently been published in Sainsburys magazine. I must admit I am not a massive fan of tinned Salmon, but after tasting these recipes I’m converted!!

Jamies money saving meals

This week saw the return of Jamie Oliver to our screens, with his new show  ‘Jamie’s money saving meals’ on Monday’s at 8pm (Channel 4). He has done so much in his time. In this series he is trying to help people on the breadline eat fresh and quality food. This week we saw Jamie cooking a beef brisket for Sunday lunch. He then showed us how to use the left over meat the create simple and quick recipes. I actually quite enjoyed the show. It was quite interesting seeing how far a piece of beef could stretch. The only downside for me would be portion control- I’m rubbish at this!!! If its there, I want to eat it which defeats the point of the show.  The only negatives I would say is I don’t like the aesthetics of the show. I know Jamie is famous for his gritty, raw edge in the food industry but it was a little too gritty for my liking. I wouldn’t want to cook in there! Also, some of the camera angles made me feel a bit sick! It was all a little too quick and the typography moving in and out of shot didn’t […]

Sainsburys Advertorials- July Issue

Here is my latest Sainsburys advertorial feature. You can see this in the July Issue of Sainsburys magazine-

New Portfolio Images

I recently did a test shoot with food stylist Lottie Covell. We decided to conquer the full English breakfast- I think every portfolio need one of these 🙂 We also photographed a slightly different take on a summer salad- I decided to photograph this salad on a black slate to make it slightly different and so it stood out.

Weightwatchers Magazine- Fill up Fast feature

I have recently had my work published in Weight Watchers magazine! It was a fantastic shoot and the recipes were really tasty. My favourite was the bulgar wheat salad…..

F2 Magazine Article

I Have recently had an article published about me in F2 Magazine. F2 is a freelance photographers magazine, read by many people starting out in the industry. I got in touch with the magazine about a month ago as I was keen for an article to be written about my work in the Turning Pro section of the magazine. After a telephone interview with the editor David Land, this wonderful article was written. If you would like to read the full article, please download or buy a copy here- http://www.f2freelancephotographer.com/subscriptions.html (The App is a free download for all platforms and there’s also a free 44 page taster issue downloadable via the App) You can also find out more and show your support for F2 Magazine on their facebook page-  www.facebook.com/f2FreelancePhotographerMagazine