Client Christmas Card (2017)

It was so much fun shooting this! Every year I always set myself a little project for creating my client Christmas Card. I've had such a great year photograhing drinks that I wanted to base this years card on a cocktail. I thought to myself... It can't be as simple as this, so I decided to add a Unicorn Meringue (of course!). 

I found the perfect unicorn supplied by the Meringue Girls. So the creative process began. With the help of the amazing food stylist Vicki Smallwood, we created the fabulous meringue land for my cocktail to sit in...

Cocktail Recipe:

Ingredients (Makes 1 serve) -

1 shot of Unicorn Tear gin (It contains glitter!)

1 shot of Chambord


Cocktail glitter

Fresh limes

Method -

Squeeze the lime juice onto a small plate. Tip some of the glitter onto another small plate. Dip the rim of the martini glass into the lime juice, & then into the glitter to coat the rim of the glass. 

Add the Unicorn Tears gin & Chambord to a martini glass. Top with prosecco.

Now serve


Special thanks to:

Vicki Smallwood for her amazing food styling and meringue making... I couldn't have done it without you! 

The Mergingue Girls for supplying the Unicorn meringue... Not only for my christmas cards, but also for my client gifts