Jamies money saving meals

This week saw the return of Jamie Oliver to our screens, with his new show  ‘Jamie’s money saving meals’ on Monday’s at 8pm (Channel 4). He has done so much in his time. In this series he is trying to help people on the breadline eat fresh and quality food. This week we saw Jamie cooking a beef brisket for Sunday lunch. He then showed us how to use the left over meat the create simple and quick recipes. I actually quite enjoyed the show. It was quite interesting seeing how far a piece of beef could stretch. The only downside for me would be portion control- I’m rubbish at this!!! If its there, I want to eat it which defeats the point of the show.  The only negatives I would say is I don’t like the aesthetics of the show. I know Jamie is famous for his gritty, raw edge in the food industry but it was a little too gritty for my liking. I wouldn’t want to cook in there! Also, some of the camera angles made me feel a bit sick! It was all a little too quick and the typography moving in and out of shot didn’t […]