The Mall Tavern, Notting Hill

I recently took some photographs for the Mall Tavern Pub in Notting Hill. Fantastic Chef Jesse Dunford Wood likes to keep a record of all his wonderful creations. Here is just a small selection from the shoot: To find out more about the Mall Tavern, please visit their website-

London Taste Festival

Taste Festival 2011

I went to the London Taste Festival on Thursday the 16th June, following my passion for all things food related. I was a great evening out. I tasted many yummy things! I also got to support my friend and excellent chef Jesse Dunford Wood who was presenting at the festival.....

Lunch with the ladies- Mall Tavern

Sunday lunch with the girls

Today I went for a lovely Sunday roast with my friends from school. We went to a lovely pub called the Mall Tavern in Notting hill. I have actually taken some food photographs for this restaurant before- they featured in 'Eat Me' Magazine.

Mall Tavern

I did a shoot for 'Eat Me Magazine' at the Mall Tavern in north London.....