Foodcycle- Pie in the Sky

On the 15th of July I went to photograph some food and their cafe for the charity ‘Foodcycle’. The cafe is situated in Bromley-By-Bow and is called ‘The Pie in the Sky’ cafe. Here are some of my favourite shots from the shoot:

Foodcycle is a charity tackling wasted food. It’s estimated that 400,000 tonnes of surplus food can be reclaimed each year from the food industry in the UK. In their community cafe’s they cook this surplus food and sell it to the locals at very cheap prices.

This is Kelvin, the founder of Foodcycle preparing some soup.

The community cafes are mainly staffed by volunteers.

Here’s some of the food you can buy at the community cafes. Here is a lovely bowl of homemade soup.

A yummy sandwich.

A lovely homemade curry.

And a fruit salad.

To find out more about foodcycle or to get involved, please visit-

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  1. Trish Werner
    August 28, 2011

    FoodCycle: I am a DTR and have been trying to put together volunteers with feeding our hungry in St. Louis. I’ve spent some time out with homeless/hungry an I’ve also spent time working with gorocers and surplus food. I love what you are doing in the UK.

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