Food Photography for the Sainsbury’s Baking Book

I was recently commissioned to shoot a baking book for Sainsbury’s. It was a fabulous 6 weeks work with some amazing people. Here are a few of my favourite images including yummy delights like Butterscotch Pudding, Chorizo Sausage Rolls, Banana Blondies, Black Bean Brownies, Tiramisu, Orange Gateau, and Polenta Cake.

A massive, massive thank you to the team-

From Seven- Pam Price, Scott McKenzie, & Ward Hellewell

Prop styling- Morag Farquhar

Food styling- Angela Drake, Vicki Smallwood, Rosie Reynolds, & Jane cross

Food assitants- Linzi Brechin, Nadine Brown, Katy Gilhooly, & Jess Moxley

It really was a pleasure working with you all!

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