Market Life Magazine- Lobsters

I was recently commissioned to shoot the the centre fold for Market life magazine. This issues theme was lobsters...

Weight Watchers Magazine- Around the world in 8 ProPoints

I love working for Weight Watchers magazine. Always such great food that isn't bad for you. In the current issue I did a shoot for them about eating well whilst on holiday. Here are the images- WW0615   WW0615   My favourite had to be the Bruschetta with Pesto, tomatoes & peppers. Yum! Many thanks to Pam Price for her art direction, Vicki Smallwood for the food styling, & Tamzin Ferdinando for the prop styling.

Compare the meerkats!

This was such a fun brief! I was approached by the agency VCCP to produce some photos for the famous Meerkats on Pancake Day. I had to think like a meerkat!!!

Men’s Fitness Magazine- EatFit

At the end of last year I was commissioned to do a 3 day shoot for Men’s fitness magazine. They are starting to produce a quarterly magazine called EatFit to supplement their monthly magazine. The style is very different to what I am used to. It’s very minimalist and all about the food. As usual, I rose to the challenge…   Many thanks to Rob Lavery for his art direction, Karol for his food styling, and Jodie for been my assistant for the day.

Sainsburys Magazine- Follow the stars feature

I was commissioned to photograph a feature for Sainsburys magazine. The feature asked a selection of Michelin-starred chefs to share their favourite, and fabulous festive choices for their main course this Christmas. Here are the images-




A massive thank you to Angela Lamb for her art direction, Tamzin Ferdinando for the prop styling, and Lucy O'Reilly for the food styling.

Borough Market Magazine- Celebration of cheese



I was recently commissioned by Borough Market Magazine to help them promote their 'Evening of Cheese' on the 10th of December. I was very lucky as the design team asked me to pitch them an concept for the image. It's very unusual to have such creative control over a commissioned image like this. As I have slight OCD I decided to play around with the idea of organisation, and this ended up been the basis for my idea. I ended up supplying the client with 2 images in the end. One was published as the centre fold for the magazine, and the other they turned into the invite.

Thanks to everyone at Borough Market magazine- Ellie, Kate & Rachel. And to Claire for commissioning me for the project. Also to my fabulous assistant on the day Jonny for his patience and creative input.