Lilli Crumbs

I was recently commissioned to do a shoot for Lilli Crumbs, the cupcake company at my studio in London Bridge. We started off my shooting the cut-outs for the eCommerce section of the website.


Tessa, from Lilli Crumbs, target audience is both corporate and wedding clients. We wanted to create quite a lifestyle feel to all the images. This first image I think has quite a corporate event feel to it. I think the image is really brought to life my have the tray of champagne in the background.


With this next image we just wanted to try something a little different. I think the shot really works!


This next shot, definitely has a wedding feel to it. I recreated a wedding table setting.


This last shot was just a last minute idea. I actually think it’s my favourite shot of the day!


To find out more information about Tessa’s cupcakes, please take a look at her website-

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