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I Have recently had an article published about me in F2 Magazine. F2 is a freelance photographers magazine, read by many people starting out in the industry.

f2_Vol_7_No_5_ Cover-1

I got in touch with the magazine about a month ago as I was keen for an article to be written about my work in the Turning Pro section of the magazine. After a telephone interview with the editor David Land, this wonderful article was written.


If you would like to read the full article, please download or buy a copy here- http://www.f2freelancephotographer.com/subscriptions.html (The App is a free download for all platforms and there’s also a free 44 page taster issue downloadable via the App)

You can also find out more and show your support for F2 Magazine on their facebook page-  www.facebook.com/f2FreelancePhotographerMagazine

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