My Christmas card 2015

Every year I love to set myself a challenge with my Christmas Card. This year was no different. As a fan of the classic Desperate Dan comic books, I decided to create my very own Desperate Dan pie, but with a Christmas twist. The story behind my scene is that Santa has got fed up with Rudolph and made him into his supper. This was my card-


Food Styling- Angela Drake

Prop styling & Photography- Lauren Mclean 

I was so pleased with the final result. What may appear to be a simple scene was much more difficult to put together than it looks. Thanks Angela- I couldn’t have created this without your fabulous food styling! Also a special thank you has to go to Susie Stewart from Stewarts Garden Centre in ChristChurch, Dorset, for help and the antler, and another thank you to Joanna Vance from London Log Company for lending me the beautiful logs. Here is a small quick time movie showing how the scene was built-

Time seemed to slip away this year, so unfortunetely I didn’t get a chance to visit all my clients and hand out a little home made gift. Everyone should have hopefully got a card though 🙂 My gifts this year also tied in with my theme- I made my own mince pies and added antlers.



If I say so myself, the mince pies were amazing! It was a Waitrose recipe. The antlers were ordered from America through, by a company called ‘Thick & Thin’. And finally the take away cake boxes were from ‘Little Cupcake boxes‘.


The fun didn’t stop here! I also made my own Merry Christmas gift tags-

Here’s a few more images from behind the scenes-










Now… What to do this year 🙂


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