London Taste Festival

I went to the London Taste Festival on Thursday the 16th June, following my passion for all things food related. I was a great evening out. I tasted many yummy things! I also got to support my friend and excellent chef Jesse Dunford Wood who was presenting at the festival.

Here is a view of the festival. It was quite muddy as it had been raining all day.

Of course one of the first things we did was go get a drink!

Then it was Jesse Dunford Wood’s first presentation in the AEG Taste Theatre. Jesse told the audience about his trade secrets of how he cooks a perfect Chicken Kiev.

After Jesse’s presentation we went for a walk around the tents.

This guy was giving away samples of a yummy gin.

Here are some ladies tasting some cheese at an exhibitors stand.

This was a lovely bread and cake shop.

And here’s the team working on the bread and cake stall!

This is the cup-cake stall called ‘Cupcake-a-licious’. I didn’t get to have a taste, but they do look very tasty.

Then I came across this stall run by ‘Spice Way Original Limited’.

Next I came across this interesting stall- ‘Bubbleology’. They make tea!!

They produce Milk and fruit teas in a variety of different flavors.

I came across this interesting little stall. They sold Bloody Mary’s called ‘Little Devil’.

This is the Waitrose cooking school. I wanted to go to one of the cooking classes but missed out as I didn’t realise you had to register.  I will definitely be registering for this next year!

This was a stall that produced ice-cream from Buffalo milk.

Now to the food! This was a very tasty fish burger made from prawns and scallops.

Then I had a Chicken Tikka pie with raspberry Coolie. Sounds random but it really worked! It was a taste sensation.

I couldn’t go through the whole event without mentioning some of the entertainment. This is a company called ‘Circus’ (They recently appeared on the apprentice!). They were great fun.

Time for another drink!

Jesse did another presentation on the La Patisserie Peugeot stage. This time Jesse taught the audience to make soda bread and mushroom pate.

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